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conNEXT –
privacy in your hands

  • All-in-One communication suite offering full private access, security and storage
  • Advanced application features supporting private and business needs
  • Available on iOS and Android


Call any contact all over the world for free.

Set up high quality video calls with any contact all over the world for free.

Exchange with your friends, share documents and emotions.

Share document and media with any contact all over the world for free

Store, manage and edit your documents.

Why to use conNEXT?

conNEXT is build up on a military-grade end-to-end encryption and offers a wide range of easy to use and reliable features.

Secure communication

Secure messaging
Timed messaging
Add expressions with emojis

Voice and video calls

Crystal-clear quality
Secure voice calls
Secure encrypted video calls

Group chats and calls

Secure chats
Secure audio calls 
Secure video calls 

Share your location

Securely share your current location
Constantly share your location while chatting
Create geographic boundaries

File storage

Setup a secure local storage
Add external cloud services
Comprehensive folder management

Photos and videos

Live tag photos
Apply effects
Freehand drawing


Edit documents
Sign sensitive documents
Securely share documents

Multiple identities (coming soon)

Protect your privacy by using multiple identities
Separate business and personal conversations
Easily switch between identities

Face regocnition (coming soon)

Protect your most sensitive messages and documents with your face
Only accessable to you while your face is front of your device
Available for iOS only


Gain back control and access privacy in your hands with the conNEXT application. Now available on iOS and Android.