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conNEXT is a secure communication solution for messaging, voice and video calling.

conNEXT is for safety-conscious individuals and organizations with a deep interest in privacy.

You can use conNEXT for text messages, voice and video calls, group chats, audio and video conferencing, document and image editing, secure file storage and sharing.

Yes, just use your preferred identity and history will be synced across your devices.

You can download conNEXT for iOS here and conNEXT for Android here.

Currently we are supporting iPhones running iOS 10+ and Android phones running 4.4+. Tablet support is coming soon.

conNEXT needs permissions to access your contacts, camera, audio and file storage.

You can start using conNEXT for free. For organization we are offering an ad-free version, called conSEC which starts from 1€ per month and additionally contains a comprehensive user- and license management.

Currently we are supporting English, German, French and Spanish. More languages are coming soon.

We are not storing any personal or private data. Since all data is end-to-end encrypted only you and the people you are talking to have access to your shared history.

For security reasons conNEXT requires a two-step verification process. After signing up you will receive a confirmation link to verify your registration.

The Connexcom offered services, are offered globally with the exception of USA, France and the countries that are boycotted by the United Nations.

If your device was stolen or got lost, call your mobile provider to lock your SIM card.

You can delete your account in the settings of the conNEXT application.